Ben & Kiki

Ben & Kiki

Ben and Kiki (affectionately called "BiKi") have been dancing together for six years and are known for their electric dance chemistry, which helped them win First Place in the 2015 Zouk US Open competition.

National instructors of Rio-style Brazilian Zouk and co-founders of Zouk Phoenix, their classes focus on solid technique infused with playful creativity.

Their goal is for all of their students to feel welcomed, technically enriched, and personally fulfilled after taking one of their classes.

Their passion for sharing Zouk is fueled by their zeal for learning it, so they spend several months each year intensively training in Brazil and have received teaching certifications from William Teixeira & Paloma Alves; Val Clemente; and Zouk Creator, Renata Pecanha.

Ben Sodenkamp

Ben has a movement background in Martial Arts, Blues Dance, and Salsa. He was an instructor and leader in the Seattle Zouk community before moving to Phoenix, Arizona.


Kiki brings over 20 years of experience in Modern Dance, Ballet, Jazz and Award-Winning Choreography to the partnership. She is also a professional scholar, exploring the relationship between dance, science, and society.