Connect - DJ

Connect DJ

Horacio Ludic believes in being one with the crowd and helping people to have a transcendental experience through music. Music is not only what we use to dance; music has an impact on our mood and on our connection with others and ourselves.

Music is vibration traveling at 343 meters/second, colliding with our bodies, hearts, organs, and nerves. This intense experience has an undeniable impact because our bodies are primarily energy, and energy is vibration too.

He believes we have energy centers that correspond to neural networks branching out from the spinal cord.  When our energy centers are balanced, all of our life experiences become more transcendental. 

Done properly, he has seen that in a good night of dancing people progress upward through the energy centers--through a warming up phase, a staccato/exciting phase, an energized/rhythmic phase followed by a period of melodic music interspersed with silences, where the connection is more intense.

He selects music to create this energetic effect on dancers; dancers are front and center of my work. I don’t arbitrarily play individual songs--he tries his best to deliver a musical journey that dancers can explore with the music as the banks of the river. 

Connect-Dj started deejaying professionally in 2014, and since then has had the good fortune playing in Majorca, Mexico City, Washington D.C., Vancouver, Toronto, Saskatoon, Calgary, and Edmonton. He is a resident Dj at Smooth Connections and On The Rocks in Edmonton, Canada (Bar with over 100  patrons).

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