DJ Dravid

DJ Dravid

DJ Dravid crossed over from West Coast Swing and Latin before making his way to Brazilian zouk, claiming that his training with Lusophone DJs & musicians for Kizomba is what gave him an initial edge and professional depth to his continuous style of mixing.

Dravid brings his love, training, and understanding of various genres of music to create an ethereal experience for dancers that transcends musical genres & boundaries every time he steps up to the decks.

Based in San Francisco Bay area, DJ Dravidcertainly makes his rounds. He has played at dance festivals & clubs in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Portugal, France, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Czech Republic and Poland.

Dravid is also teaching at our DJ Dojo, focusing on the evolution of Brazilian zouk's musical influences, from its roots in African and Caribbean musical genres through lambada, pop, R&B, and NeoZouk, to provide a deeper understanding of where the music has come from and where it's going.

You can check out his work here at his SoundCloud here.

You can learn more about his journey to international level DJaying through his exclusive Zoukology interview here.