DJ Kakah



Kakah joined the world of dance in 2009 with West Coast swing.

In 2011, she began to dedicate herself to Zouk, thus beginning her career as a DJ producer, having more than 400,000 plays with remixes spread over the internet at that time. She has participated as a DJ in several West Coast Swing conferences in Brazil since 2012, among them: SunCity Swing, BR Open, Sampa West, Floripa Summer Swing, West in Rio, Swing in Paradise and West in Lion. Since 3 years ago, she is part of Global Swing DJs, a group that brings together the best WCSwing DJs in the world.

She is known internationally for her remixes and productions of Zouk that already reach over 2 million views on the internet. 

She participated in events in several states of Brazil such as Zouk-se, Soul Fortress Zouk Festival, Zouk Xtreme, 2nd International Zouk Lambada Summer Festival, International Latino Entertainment Festival (FIEL) 2014, Exalta Afro, BSB dance, Aneska Zouk Fest, Berg's Congress, Brazouka Beach Bestival, Capital Zouk, UaiZouk, Zouk Day,, Zouk N Beach, among others. 

Internationally, she participated in many of the bests events such as Dutch Zouk Congress, Canada Zouk Congress, Prague Zouk Congress, Casa Do Zouk (Australia), Zouk Fest Uk, Zurich Zouk Congress, Zouk Mx (Mexico) ), LA Zouk Congress, DC Zouk, Zouk Me SF, Zouk'N Play, I'm Zouk (Miami), among dozens of other festivals and congresses, thus spanning over 15 countries in less than 2 years.

She started producing songs to dance zouk and kizomba with some singers, Isac Martins, Zimous, D.lopes, Paulo Mac and Archie & Sizzle. After producing the hit "Tentação" in 2014, the song exploded on the internet from 350 million views in 2 months on Youtube and was one of the hits most played in 2015. Today she also produces Bachata remixes.

Currently, Kakah is the organizer of the Swing Zouk Weekend event, held in Fortaleza, with the purpose of joining her passions in a single Congress, Zouk and WCS. She also dedicates herself to teaching DJs, Zouk producers, and musicality at congresses, and she is part of the MAC Project (Alex de Carvalho Method) that happens every year in Paris.

She was nominated as artist of the year in 2016/2017 at the Zoukology website.