JC Arzaga aka “DJC”, is an enthusiast of sports and art. Music and dance were part of daily living when growing up. With his primary profession in healthcare, his goal is to care for others. His continuous pursuit of enlightenment has him intrigued in cultures and keeps him a student of humanity. Brazilian Zouk is just a facet of his life in which he has heavily invested in. An investment which combines all those elements which can fill the soul.

JC found Brazilian Zouk at a difficult time in his life and was immediately drawn to it: It was the movement, the music, and the people. Introduced to in Orange County, California, he had his first class with Igor Fraga and Ruana Vasquez. He attended all local events throughout Southern California, which then lead him to travel further, meet new people, and understand not just the dance but the culture.

After a little over a year, both instructors had to leave, but Ruana wanted to help keep what she helped maintain in Orange County. He alongside Lena Theime and Deeba Pourmand maintained what was called Brazilian Zouk OC. Their mission statement was “Cultivating Brazilian Zouk throughout the region with events and collaboration.” They did just that: Held weekly classes and socials as well as collaborated with other promoters and artists. But after just short of half a year, with individual goals keeping priorities in check, sustainability was difficult. It could not have been at a better time however…

Clinton Lacerda and Cristi Boone moved to Los Angeles just before Brazilian Zouk OC stopped holding events. Cristi and JC had been friends well before meeting at the first Zouk MX (aka ZNL Music Festival), with mutual friends in the local Salsa community. He knew their background and understood what they could offer the small but hungry Brazilian Zouk community. He also knew he could only give so much, so he advised the small class he held consistently that he will be training under them, and encouraged everyone else to do so. Continuous study of Brazilian Zouk was his goal, and now he could live it.

JC also wanted to contribute into growing the scene in which he volunteered in events such as the first Renata Peçanha Weekend, LA Zouk Congress, and the first Zouk Me Summer Fest. As he continued to engulf himself in study, he was learning that there was something that could be more focused on--the culture. But how as a “gringo” could he properly contribute to the scene? Clinton appreciated his music selection and asked JC to be a “DJ”.

However, JC with an understanding and respect for DJs, especially growing up in Los Angeles, chose not to just throw himself out to provide music to socials, and just call himself a “DJ”. He believes that there are multiple skills in being a true DJ, and one must treat the turntables and controller as a musical instrument, not just an accessory. Also, there was still so much to learn about the music, what was played, and why.

After a few months of study from experienced DJs, JC debuted at The Movement Zouk Social in 2016. He continued to learn not just the art of controlling the crowd, but what proper music for Brazilian Zouk and mixing does to a party. He soon took the name of DJC, given by his peers at Renata Peçanha USA.

Fast forward to the present, DJC has had multiple events under his belt throughout the US and internationally. Committed to honoring not just the dance, but the culture, his goal is to emulate the Brazilian energy in which he felt during his time in Rio de Janeiro. Focused on the traditional aspect of the dance, it has influenced his music selection during his sets. However, he does enjoy mixing in remixed songs as well as Hip Hop, R&B as well as contemporary.