Hannah Miller-Jones

Hannah Miller-Jones

Local Austinite, Hannah began her journey of dance with Kizomba. Before dance, Hannah had undergone years of intensive yoga studies (physical practices and spiritual studies), and was a notable member in the growing Austin AcroYoga community.

Since beginning dance, she has played with other social dances such as Bachata and Salsa, but she is currently focusing most of her time on spreading her love of Brazilian Zouk and Kizomba.

Hannah has poured herself into the dance, both teaching, and hosting/organizing locally, as well as out of state.

She has completed a Zouk Instructor Course through Zouk NY, and has had the honor of training with & assisting a handful of world-renowned Kizomba & Zouk artists.

You can find Hannah on Mondays for Inspired Movement's weekly Kizomba & Zouk group classes in Austin, Texas, or may contact her for private lessons in Kizomba, Zouk, and Yoga/Stretching.