Jerry Lai

Jerry Lai

Jerry discovered his love for partner dancing through competitive ballroom dancing while studying at UBC and Cornell. After six years of competition, one of his dance partners introduced him to Brazilian Zouk in 2015.

He began training with Aline Cleto in New York and was a member of her performance team in 2016. He spent much of 2016 and 2017 attending congresses around the world and diversifying his dance training with teachers representing many different styles of Zouk.

He began teaching in late 2017 with the encouragement of Mayo Alanen, one of the top professional ballroom dancers in the world.

Since then, Jerry has spent hundreds of hours teaching over a dozen students all over the east coast, including a former Dancing with the Stars champion, and directed several workshops and intensives in New York and Michigan.

In addition, he has completed multiple teacher training courses led by top instructors such as Ry'el & Jessica, Alex, and Mathilde. He continues to travel all over the world to train, with recent influences from Brenda and Anderson, Mafie Zouker, Aline Cleto, and Hudson Alexandre.

He believes in social dancing as a form of therapy, driven by comfort, relaxation, co-creation, and flow. He is currently developing a methodology focusing on ways to achieve flow.

Jerry plans to continue his dance journey in Los Angeles, his new home.