Due to Julianna’s love of self-expression and movement, she was enrolled in various dance styles as a child. However, she left dance for gymnastics after her ballet instructor asserted she should quit dancing due to her body type, ultimately crushing her love of dance.

After completing her doctorate in psychology, she re-visited dance by enrolling in ballroom lessons. In this journey, she connected with the Nashville dance scene, and all the passion that was darkened as a child reignited. Since this time, she has approached dance with fervor by avidly taking workshops, privates/trainings, and attending a myriad of dance events, so she can share her love of dance with her community.

Given her unique clinical training, her dance instruction style is incredibly mindful and heart-centered, with great care taken in the co-creation of lesson plans. Most notably, she interlaces mindfulness meditation practices with dance instruction to help students develop a better connection with self/breath, floor, partner, and music.

She has instructed Zouk, Kizomba, and Bachata at Play Dancebar, Global Education Center, 404 Bar n Grill, Global Education Center, Millennium Dance Complex, Plaza Mariachi, and WILD OUT Dance Festival, and travels to Huntsville to instruct and perform.

She has performed improv and/or choreographed Bachata, Kizomba, Zouk, and/or Tango pieces at Plaza Mariachi, 404 Bar n Grill, Salsa Restaurant, Play Dancebar, and OIKF. Julianna also performed in the second season of La Fuerza. She currently instructs at 404 Bar n Grill and co-instructs Zouk with Justin Henderson at Millennium Dance Complex weekly.

To further the growth of Nashville’s dance scene and the extended community, Julianna organized WILD OUT Dance Festival (WODF) in 2018 and is excited to announce WODF 2020. In the interim, she collaborated with like-hearted teachers to create Nashville’s first BKZ events that occur three times monthly.