Rick & Larissa

Rick & Larissa

Rick Torri

Dancer, professor, and choreographer since 2007. Graduated in Administration by the State University of Santa Catarina (UDESC/ESAG) and in Physical Education by the Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC). Partner-owner of ImPar dance studio in Florianopolis. Rick has been working on developing research projects of ballroom/social dances at UFSC for the past 5 years.

Rick started teaching dance classes on Florianopolis dance studios and then went for teaching at many other Brazilian states and the world, in places such as Orlando/FL (EUA), Zurich (Switzerland), Vienna (Austria) and Paris (France).

Among all the rhythms Ricky dances, he excels at Zouk and Samba, where he already participated in many diverse projects as a choreographer and performing on the main dance congresses of Brazil and of the world. He is the creator and organizer of the event, "Zouk in Motion" in Florianopolis/SC which is going to its 8th year.

Larissa Secco

Graduated in Physical Education from Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC). Larissa started on classical ballet when she was 4 years old at Concordia Association of Dance Groups.

Since then, she worked on many choreography compositions as a ballerina and choreographer, participated in many workshops with renowned teachers in many modalities such as Jazz Dance, Contemporary dance, urban dances e choreography composition.

Larissa's first contact with social dances was in 2014. Now, she participates in developing research projects of ballroom/social dances at UFSC and also as a dance teacher of ballet for kids and social dances at ImPar dance studio partnering with Rick Torri.