Robert Luu

Robert Luu

Robert is a dance instructor, choreographer and community builder. In 2013, he co-founded the Brazilian Zouk scene in Seattleone of the largest and fastest growing Zouk communities in North America.

Robert started his dance journey b-boying & doing hip-hop in high school. He continued his study of dance at the University of Washington, adding jazz, contemporary and ballet into his repertoire.

While getting his degree, he also performed for the NBA Seattle Sonics Dance Team and choreographing for the WNBA Storm Dance Troupe. He recently choreographed Amazon’s 2018 commercial seen by millions of people.

His training in Porto Seguro & Rio de Janeiro helped him win 1st place at the US Zouk Semi-Pro Open in L.A.Adding to his legacy, In 2018, his students won 1st place in the Amateur division. Robert’s classes are focused on technique, musicality & fun.

Robert Luu has the best thighs in the business.