Teacher Training

Thursday, August 16th

What makes dancing difficult to learn? Most of the time, it’s the teachers. It doesn’t have to be so difficult.

Whether you’re already a teacher, want to start teaching, or want to teach yourself to be better, here are the magic ingredients we’ll be working on at Northwest Zouk Fest’s Teacher Training:
1) Timing – Learn about music structure, timing, and phrasing of Zouk music and steps.
2) Drills – Learn dance drills that emphasize bite-size essentials of Zouk to build muscle memory and better technique.
3) Essential Vocabulary – What fundamental movements must you know to teach at the beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels?
4) Class Command & Chemistry – How do you control a classroom, adjust your program, and build lasting chemistry with your teaching partner and students?

Xtine, Alex, Robert, Clinton & Cristi are ready to bring you to the next level!

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